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a little late winter snow is a welcome change from rain. deadwood alameda creek alcatraz andalusian angus animal appaloosa aquatic bird barn battery baudet baudet du poitou bay bay area bay bridge beach bean hollow bee berkeley bird bird of paradise birds blue hour blue squill boat boats bodega bay border collie botanical botanical gardens bridge brook bunker burro california california. castro valley cat cat's eyes cattle cemetery chestnut chickens city city lights cityscape coastal coit tower college conservatory of flowers construction continuing the old barn series with this lovely in greenleaf country cows creek danville dave dead people deer meadow brook delgar dimond canyon dimond canyon park dog dogwood dogwood. donkey doors dragonfly drivein duck eastern span elephant embarcadero emeryville equestrian equid equine equitation fall farm farming ferry building field fire boat flower flowers foal fog forest fuchsia fuffy and heath full moon garden gardening giraffe gold crowned crane golden gate golden gate bridge golden gate park graffiti graffiti. bear grass great pyrenees greenhouse half herd hills hmb1 horse horseback riding howard hughes hughes mining barge hunter hunterjumper joaquin miller joaquin miller park jumper kwik way lake merritt landmark landscape leaves lighthouse live oak local earth macaw maine maine coon cat maine. mallard manhole cover marin marina ocean marsh mendell metasequoia mills college moon morning mountain view cemetery muir beach nature navelwort new bridge new gloucester night northern california oak oakland oakland hills oakland san francisco bay oakland zoo ocean old barn or orchids oregon. pachyderm palo seco palomares park park redwood parrot pelican pemaquid pescadero pier 14 pinto plants point bonita poitou portrait prison raygun gothic rocket redwood redwoods river rocks royal river ruins rural saddlebred san francisco san francisco bay sausal sausal creek scenic school sea seagull seaside seaweed shed sheep dog sherman's marsh skyline spark stoves sport stained glass stairs steps stream street sign sunflower sunol sunol regional wilderness sunset sunshine thoroughbred tomb tourist tower treasure island tree trees trellis tropical tug boats tunnel tunnel. twilight uc berkeley uc berkeley botanical gardens victorian water waterfront watsonia west window windsurfing winter woods wwii yellow yerba buena zebra zoo animal zoo animals
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